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Hidden Guide


This is things i have seen on other web-sites about hidden things in songs, album sleeves or videos. If you know any more please e-mail me.

The information on this page is from the Ok Computer Album Only, I will be trying to add more about other Albums as soon as possible.

Notes: On the second to last page in OK Computer sleeves, where the top left corner says "surface", under the injektilo* sign, there are instructions to make/ingredients to a McDonalds Hamburger.

Notes: On the second page of OK Computer, the statue of Jesus Christ is found at the mormon visitors center of Salt Lake City, Utah, right next to the building where the mormon (LDS) tabernacle choir performs. *thanx jake h.*
The original picture is not that easy to come by, and I'm sure it can only be found at LDS bookstores. It makes me wonder what they know about the LDS religion. .

Notes: The lyrics for Airbag are shaped just like a tank. Perhaps it has to do with the line "in the next world war".

Notes: About the "Paranoid Android" code - 7yuc zhd2: If you write the word "yuc" on a Hebrew keyboard when it's on Hebrew mode, you'll get a Hebrew word for "good". Also if you write the word "zhd" on a Hebrew keybord (Hebrew mode again), you'll get a Hebrew word for "cardigan". Just an idea.

EP: Airbag
Notes: Airbag EP Number. Here's an interesting article:

"Just like Tommy Tutone's "867-5309/Jenny," Radiohead's new album, the EP Airbag/How Am I Driving?, is probably driving phone operators batty. The number 1426148550 (dialed from the States as 011-44-1-426-148-550) is given on the EP cover (and by Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, who jokes in concert that it is the number to call to report bad drivers). Well, it's actually a working number, and the voice on the other end, which simply says, "Hello?," sounds exactly like Yorke's. (Even his publicist thinks so). Fans can even leave a message, but we're not quite sure yet who will get the message. Maybe the band plans to use the confused callers' messages on a future recording?"

Notes: On the third to last page on the OK computer sleeves, there are faint pictures and labels of "ship", "escalator", "helicopter" and "aeroplane". ie. Transport. On the cover is a picture of a motorway. Also on the second page, the taking off and landing - perhaps a link with the words of "Let down"?

Song: Electioneering
Notes: Thom starts laughing during Electioneering; right after the second part of the chorus. If you listen closely you can hear it.

Song: Fitter Happier
Notes: If you look at the end credits in the OK Computer sleeves, you'll notice this: "sample from flight of the condor used with permission". This 'sample' is actually the background voice in Fitter Happier, which repeats the following phrase:
This is the Panic Office,
Section 917 (nine seventeen) may have been hit.
Activate the following procedure.

Song: No Surprises
Notes: The words "get me outta here" is sung three times in the background. You can hear it during the last chorus of "no alarms and no suprises". Some people say it is the word "let" instead of "get".

Song: Airbag
Notes: In the Airbag lyrics in the booklet: After "in a deep deep sleep of the innocent" are the words "completely terrified" struck out. These were the original lyrics to the song before when it was called "An airbag saved my life", so before it would have gone "in a deep deep sleep completely terrified". "Of the innocent" is so much cooler....nice call Thom!

Notes: There are some phrases such as 'Injektilo', 'Simbolo', 'Dangera Najbar-Ajo', and 'Malvenkemo' in the OK Computer sleeves. These are in another language called Esperanto. This is the first international language, created by a Polish doctor, Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof (late 19th century). Zamenhof believed speaking a universal language would be beneficial and easier for everyone.
Injektilo = Syringe
Simbolo = Symbol
Dangera Najabar-Ajo = Dangerous Neighbourhood

Single: No Surprises
The words "vota idiota" (on a polaroid on the back of the 'No Surprises' single sleeve) means "vote you idiot" in Spanish and Italian. Addition: Also means the same thing in Portuguese.

Song: Paranoid Android
Notes: While Thom sings the "what's there?" part, the same computer voice from fitter happier can be heard saying this:
I may be paranoid, but not an android. (x2)
I may be paranoid, but no android. (x2)

Notes: More info on Esparanto: Esparanto actually means "hope", perhaps suggesting that all is not yet lost. This is echoed in the album, in the way all the songs convey a strange optimism in their misery.

Video: Paranoid Android
Notes: When Robin got out of the bar, there are two kissing gays, and on the wall behind them, there is grafitti that says "PUNCHDRUNK".

Video: Paranoid Android
Notes: In the scene where a man with a head growing out of his stomach is dancing on a table, caricatures of all the members of Radiohead are seated around the table.

Video: Paranoid Android
Notes: The fat man that chops himself in the "Paranoid Android" video really looks like Benjamin (BB) Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. In the video, this man is sitting in a circle of people with flags, that looks like voting in the UN and BB was the represent for Israel in the UN. Also when he chops himself and sinking in the sea, it could be a hint that BB failed (as most of the people in Israel thinks) with being a prime minister and now he must ask for help from other prime ministers or presidents such as Bill Clinton.

In the OK Computer sleeves, on page two, opposite the man and woman sitting, under the maid with the big paint brush it reads; "wallpaper needs care, consult a book on decorating..."

Notes: In the OK Computer sleeves, on Page 3 (opposite the sitting man and woman), there is a circuit diagram in the middle of the page. This circuit represents part of the circuitry in a certain model of Sony Radio Alarm Clocks. This is consistent with the message on the first page, mentioning an alarm clock.

Notes: Notice that all the lyrics to songs in Ok Computer are written in a mess and only the lyrics of Fitter Happier are in order, just like the meaning of it; that only machines and robots are orderly and neat.

Notes: There's a strong possibility that the numbers on the back of OK Computer (18576397) stand for the exact time that the album was finished (note the arrow pointing up to the tracks). So:
1857 = 18:57 = 6:57 p.m.
6 = the 6th
3 = March
97 = 1997

And there you go. OK Computer was completed on March 6th, 1997 at 6:57 p.m. Do you remember where *you* were?

Notes: Religious words on page 12 next to the family:
jesus saves
god is love
again virgin
raise hell
gay is good

The fat smiley in the OK Computer sleeve is taken from a "Cheetos" paper.
Submitted by: Roiy B.
Notes: The code for "No Surprises" repeat the letters C, M and O like it says "carbon monoxide".
*If you look at this from a chemist's standpoint, you only need the C and the O combined to make the chemical formula for carbon monoxide. Just writing CO means carbon monoxide, the M is not neccesary.

Notes: The Airbag code (1421421) must be a hint of "the meaning of the universe is 42" in one of Douglas Adams' books where the 1 is the repeating question "what is the meaning of the universe?".

Notes: It says 'immerse your soul in love' on the last page of the OKC booklet right above the black lucky text.

Notes: On the OK Computer sleeves, if you *carefully* look at the lyrics of Climbing Up The Walls and turn your head right or the booklet left, you should see someone with his arms up in the air as if he's climbing up the walls. It should look like a "\|/" and not "/|\". The "\" is his left harm (his back is towards us), and "|" is his head and "/" is his right arm.

Notes: The second to last page, there's a picture of a skyline, and it looks like "the city of the future" or Palo Alto.

Notes: When you turn the OKC booklet upside down at the Let Down page, you can clearly see someone juggling with the right arm up and the left one down. You can see the balls in the air and a smaller figure at the bottom, standing beside the taller one. The juggler might represent someone dealing with his *everyday life*, to whom you suddenly give the order to Let Down... and it all collapses. This might also represent the precarious state of the world, threatening to fall at any moment. (One more thing, the man seems to wear a 'rhinestone' cowboy hat!)

Notes: On page 4 (and also the last page), there's some greek writing, as translated it reads:
don't throw unnecessary objects in the sea. protect the clean sea. it's for your health and your childrens'.

On the OK Computer sleeves, if you *carefully* look at the lyrics of Lucky, you can see a guy getting out of a lake, just like in the lyrics of the song.

Notes: On the last page of the booklet, above "people with birdlike faces", it says 'bulletproof' and 'street spirit'.

On page 4, right next to the sitting man and woman, it says (turn the booklet sideways), 'immerse your soul in love'. Although some of it has been scribbled out.

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